Hello. I am Patrik Ahlm Concord, a DIY solo artist/producer and multi-intstrumentalist/singer from Sweden. I have a way down intense passion for music and I’m an irreparable serial songwriter.

I am kind of a musical chameleon with a particular sweet tooth for contemporary, well produced and modern sounding 80s flavoured pop music – with influences coming from The Weeknd, Taylor Swift, Tears For Fears, a-ha and the likes.

With a fusion of electronic and acoustic elements, my music wants to create a sonic journey that blurs the boundaries of genres. From pulsating beats compositions to ethereal ambient, I invite you to explore the depths of emotion through every note. Welcome to dive into my discography and let the melodies carry you into a realm of boundless imagination.

As a songwriter and producer I strive to evolve by absorbing inspiration from a wide range of genres. I go where the music takes me and sometimes ends up working in genres like Americana, cross-over Country and modern Folk – with influences like Vince Gill and Bonnie Raitt. The diversity is obvious going through my ever expanding catalogue of songs. I am also a proud member of the New Artist Spotlight community.

Latest release

Come and Go

Released January 12th on all major streaming services

Link to song on Spotify


”This is epic, pure pop genius”
(Eleanor Collides)

”You never disappoint with your creativity and excellence; congrats on another winner … but no surprise”
”So great to see you always pushing the envelope and exploring new frontiers”
(William Lovitt)

”What a track!! just absolutely love your voice, this really showcases what an outstanding range u have”
(Billy Lowry)

”Love the folky touch here”
(The Blindfold Experience)

”This is another one that wouldn’t be out of place in the mainstream. Would be amazing on a film soundtrack”
(Blue Scarr)

”The fullness and thickness of this astounds me”
(Charles Connolly)